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Annarita Fashion S.r.l. has been manufacturing women’s fashion garments for more than twenty years. Annarita Barbazeni founded the company and continues to be the product manager today, and in her extensive career she has cooperated as stylist and designer with some of the leading Italian fashion houses.

Annarita Fashion’s mission is not just the production of clothing for the wholesale market, but also the study, production and suggestions to the clientele of the new fashion trends and lines. In short, a great part of the company’s success comes from the ability of the staff to be in the vanguard of their times, constantly studying and producing new models, prototypes and lines for ready to wear women’s fashion.

The company works in the medium-fine fashion sectors.

The company organisation comprises the entire administration, logistics, production and managerial staff all guided by the vigil supervision of Annarita Barbazeni who, when she is not literally surrounded by the new models and clothing prototypes in her office, can be found travelling around the world, observing, selecting and grasping what the new future fashion trends will be.

In short, Annarita Fashion has always focused on modern lines and the professional approach to their production and lead times.

The company employs a total of 14 members and works with around 10 subcontracting firms who work exclusively for them.

The company occupies a complex at the gates to Verona, with two distinct buildings, one being directly owned by them. It has the most modern infrastructures and equipment for developing the models, cutting and for final making up.